Welcome To McIntosh Hall

University of St Andrews


McIntosh Hall is a traditional stone-built residence stretching the length of Abbotsford Crescent. It is centrally situated near the Students’ Union and town centre, with most rooms offering spectacular views of either the Old Course and West Sands beach or the hall’s lovely gardens.

One of the advantages of being a small hall is our strong community spirit. There is always a friendly face in McIntosh, and the Wardens, Residential Services Managers, Hall Committee, Housekeeping staff, Catering team and Porter work hard to ensure that McIntosh feels like home. The Student Committee in McIntosh is active and accessible, representing the views of residents and arranging a variety of student-led social events throughout the year, including Hall Quizzes, inter-Hall sport, beach games and much more. The Wardens also host events, with their standout being wine and cheese evenings, which take place several times a year, with guests from the academic staff regularly invited.

Whether you’re an incoming student or alumni, looking to rent equipment, or purchase McIntosh merchandise, have a look around! If you have any questions, you can contact us here.