Often affectionately referred to as Chattan, McIntosh is a small but friendly hall, with a good mix of first year and returning students. The majority of first year students live in a shared bedroom, although single rooms are also available to first years. Many rooms offer spectacular views of the Old Course and West Sands.

As the second oldest hall at the University of St Andrews, McIntosh is known for its welcoming and loving atmostphere fostered by the small, friendly student and staff family living within its walls. Living here, you’ll be blessed with an extraordinary student life thanks to our dedicated staff and spirited residents.

We are a catered hall for undergraduate students from across the globe, thriving on diversity. Inside the building, there are both single and shared rooms, with one elusive en-suite room. Rooms are situated along corridors, and each corridor contains a number of showers and bathrooms. There are also shared kitchen facilities located throughout the residence for students to make their own light snacks.

All our residents form part of the McIntosh Hall Residents’ Association which contributes to all aspects of life within the hall. As an Association, we put on socials of all kinds, raise money for charity, compete in sporting competitions, throw an annual ball, and represent your views on all matters to the wardens, University, and Union. We are student-run and student-elected and strive to build a lasting, open, and supportive community for both current residents and alumni.


We get our funding from hall subscriptions which each resident pays as part of their accommodation fees. This money is very carefully spent to make sure that it goes as far as possible to throw the most fabulous events we can dream of. Between balls, hall clothing, and our weekly socials, we strive to use the money we are entrusted with on things that will bring our residents joy. We always welcome suggestions with open arms because we’d love to make them happen! More detailed information about expenditure is available at any time to all residents upon request from our Treasurer.

Hall identity

We are led by our fearsome Minotaur; legend has it that they roam the corridors of E-floor protecting us from any Sallies intruders! Our shield bears the head of our mighty mascot, decked in navy and purple (our hall colours).

The committee

Our Association is run by a merry group of elected students who are committed to making your voice heard. We each handle different remits from representation to environmental issues to socials and charitable events. We hold elections each September and April and would love to have you join Committee or one of our Subcommittees!

Our values

Within the McIntosh Hall Residents’ Association, our goal is to make your McIntosh experience unforgettable. Whether you’re in first or final year, we aim to provide the best events and representation possible. We believe that a lasting and welcoming community can only be fostered from mutual respect, open communication, anti-discriminatory policy, and putting members first, and we do our very best to maintain those values in everything we do.

This is very appropriately summed up in our hall motto: Don’t be a dick, be a jolly good egg.
Generally speaking, good life advice for all of us.

Coming to McIntosh is very much like joining a new family. You’ll get to know everyone in no time at all by attending events and through chats in the dining hall. We believe in supporting and looking out for one another so that everyone feels at home and has the best time possible.

This culture is fostered by the fun traditions which have developed over the years. Some of the highlights to look forward to are:

  • Our Freshers’ Week town-crawl
  • The black-tie events we host once a semester
  • Door sign making afternoons
  • Garden parties
  • Clan warfare
  • A hall pier walk
  • The Wardennial Team’s Wine and Cheese evenings
  • Our Naked Calendar used to raise funds for charity
  • The annual hall photo
  • Fortnightly movie nights
  • ‘Assassins’ to raise funds for charity
  • McIntosh’s Got Talent
  • Mr McIntosh
  • Our annual trip to the Edinburgh Christmas Market
  • Christmas and Valedictory formal dinners
  • Beach Olympics
  • The great McIntosh bake-off
  • Hall sport
  • Our annual Hall Ball
  • The annual Sallies vs McIntosh football match