Our team

McIntosh is staffed by some incredible teams that all provide different services for the everyday running of hall. These teams can be split into two main groups: the building staff and the student Committee.

Our building staff are comprised of several individual teams, each responsible for a different aspect of the student experience.

  • Hall life is for you and run by our Committee (an elected group of students) dedicated to making your time in McIntosh unforgettable. We run the social life in the hall as well as represent your views to external groups. We’re a student-run and student-elected bunch who love a great social and believe fervently in representing your views.
  • The catering team consists of a dedicated team of chefs, cooks, and servers who bring you 19 meals a week.
  • The housekeeping team are a happy bunch who love a bit of banter. They keep the hall clean and tidy, cleaning the common areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.
  • Charlie is your number 1 call for absolutely anything in hall! He handles maintenance issues, luggage storage, mail, and anything else the hall needs.
  • The RSMs ensure the smooth running of all facilities and are the first point of contact for any matter of house services or maintenance within the residence.
  • The wardens offer all the support we need in hall! They have a large focus on wellbeing and care while building a community which is safe, friendly, respectful and welcoming to everyone.