If you’re a new or current resident of McIntosh then you’ve come to the right place! This is an exclusive residents-only section where you can find information about events and other inside-info. The password for this section can be found on the Committee noticeboard in the hall or on our latest Facebook group.


This is the most important page on our website for residents! It will answer a whole bunch of questions and help keep you up to date on what’s happening.


If you’re new to the hall, this is the first page you should visit. It tells you about everything you need to know before joining the family.


Our hall has a group of friendly sexual health reps who have been trained by Sexual Health Fife to promote sexual health awareness and distribute condoms within the hall. Meet them here!


Residents can buy merch from us to show that they’re repping the best hall in St Andrews! Find out about our heavily subsidised merch here.


Residents can rent some of our large collection of equipment and decorations for charity. Have a look at some of what’s available here.


Naturally, we all have questions before moving to a new home in a new town. This page aims to answer the most common ones.