The building

McIntosh wouldn’t be McIntosh without the gorgeous stone building that stretches across Abbotsford Crescent. There are many aspects which make this building such a great place to live so have a look below to find out all about it and how far we’ve come.


Find out all about the roots of the hall including how it’s looked over the years and how it’s developed since opening in 1921.

Common spaces

Like any home, McIntosh has many spaces which we can all make use of and enjoy together, both for learning and socialising.

Private spaces

Private spaces include study rooms and bathrooms. These spaces are not open for everyone to come and go as they please but can be locked and utilised individually.


McIntosh is equipped with everything we could possibly need and more. Here we list and describe the main provisions in the hall.

Floor plans

Read about the floors and find your future (or past) room here!