Common spaces

Like any home, McIntosh has many spaces which we can all make use of and enjoy together, both for learning and socialising. These spaces are everyone’s responsibility so we definitely don’t tolerate anyone disrespecting them.

Common room

The common room is on D floor with eight large leather sofas and armchairs surrounding two coffee tables. Around the room, there are four desks offering study space and two large, circular wooden tables with chairs.

The walls of the common room are lined with photos of hall residents dating back to the hall’s opening. There is also a damaged grand piano. The games cupboard contains various board games (not all of which are complete) and the pool table is now situated here for communal enjoyment. As the social hub of hall, nearly all events take place here. Some of those events might be projected film nights, “pre” events, themed parties, quiz nights, cocktail and poker nights, wine and cheese evenings, open-mic and karaoke nights, and much more.

The McIntosh Hall Common Room showing leather couches and a vending machine.

Dining room

Meals are served in the dining room and may be accessed from D floor at the bottom of the main stairwell. This is one of the best places to make friends and get to know your new family members because every time you head down, there’s a different mix of people for you to meet.

For more information on meal times, look here.

TV rooms

There are two TV rooms, both equipped with large wall-mounted televisions with Freeview, DVD players, and HDMI cables. Both rooms have leather sofas and small side tables and are accessible 24/7. The Small TV Room also has an upright piano (not accessible 24/7).

Small TV room

Library and computer room

The library and computer room is located on E floor. It houses an IT suite with eight University desktop computers and a colour laser printer, which can be accessed via Uniprint on both personal and University computers. These are accessible 24/7, perfect for our night owls.

Library and computer room

The library has a large and varied collection of titles that have been defying the Hall Committee Librarians’ cataloguing attempts for years, including a number of first-year textbooks. The library has recently expanded into the Green Lounge as well. Books can be borrowed by contacting the Media and Communications Officer.


Each floor has a kitchen which is mainly used on weekends for cooking dinner. Kitchens are cleaned by our lovely housekeepers once a week, but individual pans and dishes are the responsibility of residents. It is our collective responsibility to keep the kitchens generally tidy and a pleasant place to cook and eat. Each kitchen includes the following:

  • Two kettles

  • A toaster

  • A microwave

  • Two ovens

  • Two refrigerators with freezers

  • An iron and ironing board

  • A table and bench seating

  • Two sinks

  • Cupboards

PRO TIP: Store things in the kitchen at your own peril

Study rooms

McIntosh has two spacious study rooms: the Green Lounge and Blue Room, both of which are located on C floor.

Both rooms have a number of desks where students can focus in a quiet environment. The Green Lounge has views of West Sands and the Old Course, as well as a small library containing most first-year English books and some non-fiction books. The Blue Room overlooks the Cabbage Patch and has a whiteboard.

Blue Room
Green Lounge

Green spaces

McIntosh has two gardens, one on the north-west corner of the property (the Warden’s Garden) and one in front of hall (the Cabbage Patch). The Cabbage Patch is a large, sunny area with benches and gravel paths perfect for barbecues or relaxing on the grass, and is the assembly point for fire drills and emergency evacuations. It is hedged in and accessible through several gates. This area is shared with the residents of the surrounding streets so, unfortunately, there are no ball games allowed in the Cabbage Patch but overall it is a lovely space to spend a sunny afternoon.

The Warden’s Garden is an area behind McIntosh, on the North Street side. It is used for the Freshers’ Week BBQ and the end-of-year Garden Party.

Recently, Transition agreed to help us establish a vegetable garden in the brush next to the Warden’s Garden so come lend a hand!

PRO TIP: If you’re doing a barbecue, stay on the garden path. The trees really do catch fire.