McIntosh is equipped with everything we could possibly need and more. Here we list and describe the main provisions in the hall.


The two laundry rooms in hall are located on E floor, affectionately called the “Secret Laundry” (located towards the middle) and the “Abbotsford Laundry” (located towards the end).

Abbotsford Laundry

We recommend checking out the E Floor floor plan as its a bit of a maze getting to Abbotsford Laundry.

Abbotsford is the main room with three washers and dryers, but machines are only on from 8am until 10pm daily. Secret has two of each machine as well as a ceiling-mounted drying rack and is open 24/7.

The laundry machines are card-operated. You can buy a card from the card dispensers located in each laundry room which you pre-load with credit via an online portal.


For all the musicians at heart, unfortunately, we have not been able to convince the University to give us a music practice room yet but we do have two pianos in the hall. There is a mostly maintained, upright piano in our small TV room and a damaged grand piano in our common room.

Residents can make use of both of the pianos, when they’re free, to practise or *perform*. And while we’d like for you to do this whenever inspiration hits, that’s not always possible because the pianos have started to get locked for most of the day.

These are their new daily opening times:

  • 12:00-14:00
  • 16:00-23:00


Our entire hall is covered by the University’s eduroam network. For help connecting to it, refer to the eduroam website.

We also have a residence network (ResNet) which can provide you with a direct connection to the University network and so to the Internet. This is a cabled ethernet network (10/100 Mbps), with ethernet cables available on request. For more information, please see the ResNet website.


Pigeonholes in dining hall

Charlie (our porter) brings the mail down to the dining hall after breakfast Monday to Friday. As Charlie is not here over the weekend, no mail is accepted then.

If you have a letter arriving, it will be put into a pigeonhole according to the first letter of your last name. If you have a double-barreled name or two surnames, make sure you check both relevant pigeonholes. If you subscribe to a magazine (Asos, The Economist etc), make sure you take it even if you don’t want it.

Parcels are put on the table next to the pigeonholes. This is not intended for bags, just parcels.

Larger items or things that needed to be signed for will be kept in the Residential Services Manager’s office. You will receive an email when this is the case. You can then collect your parcel/signed letter from the office with your Matriculation card. The office is closed on the weekend so make sure you collect parcels before it closes at 3pm on Friday.


McIntosh has a large number of mysterious cupboards. No one knows where all of them are, but if you talk to Charlie (our beloved porter), he might spirit your case away into one of these hidden locations. If you go with Charlie or meet him in an agreed location, you might find a door where you previously had not seen one.

If you want your case back, make sure to catch Charlie during the week. Unfortunately, he is not in McIntosh over the weekend so there is no chance of a Sunday night suitcase retrieval for your Monday morning trip.

While your case is gone it’s completely safe as only Charlie has the keys to many of the locations suitcases end up in.


The TVs in our TV rooms have Freeview which is covered by the hall’s TV licence. If you’re watching TV outside of these rooms (even on iPlayer) then you will probably need a separate TV licence, regardless of the device you’re using. For the most up-to-date information or to purchase a licence, please refer to the TV licensing website.


Drop off parking is available on the street in front of the residence and in the residence’s car park. All-day parking is available in the car park at Petheram Bridge.

If you bring a car to St Andrews, there are only 3 University car parks which you are allowed to use. And in order to do so, you will need to register for a pass. Please refer to the environment and sustainable development website for details.


The University has a block insurance policy for students’ possessions while they are in the Residence (room only) and while their possessions are in storage in the Residence during vacation periods. Policy provider is Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd.

It is strongly recommended that you familiarise yourself with this policy so that you know what it covers. You can find more information here.

Games cupboard

At McIntosh, we’re family so family games nights are a regular sight throughout the hall. To help facilitate these, we have a well-stocked games cupboard in the Common Room with all the classics as well as some ancient gems. Anyone can enjoy these as long as they remember to put everything back as (or better than) they found it.

Pool table

The Committee recently purchased a new pool table to replace one which had been irreparably damaged a few years ago. This pool table can be found in the Common Room along with everything you need to enjoy it. We encourage everyone to look after it and enjoy it as much as possible!


The bike shed is a shared space outside the dining room on the north side of hall. It is locked and can be unlocked with your room key. All bikes must be registered with the Residential Services Managers (RSMs) before they can be stored here. For more information, speak to the RSMs upon arrival. We also recommend registering bikes with the University (https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/cycle-registration/home.htm) and on the National Property Register (https://www.immobilise.com/) to help keep them safe.