Floor plans

New to halls? Read about the floors and find your future (or past) room here!
Rooms are either doubles or singles with shared bathrooms. McIntosh has 5 floors in total with both bedrooms and shared facilities.
In addition to the dining room, each floor also has its own kitchen.

A Floor

A Floor is a girls’ floor and is the top floor of the building. Due to the fact that McIntosh used to be several different buildings with different floor plans, A Floor is shorter than any other floor and has rumours of being haunted.
A Floor was refurbished in summer 2012.

B Floor

B Floor is a boys floor. Along with our boys, the Assistant Wardens have a flat just above the main stairwell. The floor is never actually flat. B Floor was the former home of the vending machines (RIP).
B Floor was refurbished in summer 2016.


C Floor

C Floor is a girls floor, located in the middle, one level above the ground floor. C Floor is home to both study rooms (called the Blue Room and the Green Lounge respectively) and has grand views of West Sands and the Old Course.
C Floor was refurbished during the summer of 2014.


D Floor

D Floor is a girls floor and is the ground floor.
In addition to bedrooms, D Floor has the main entrance to the building, two TV rooms, vending machines (drinks and sweets), our Common Room, the Wardennial Team’s office, Residential Service Managers’ office, Porter’s office, two pianos, and the entrance to the dining room. At the far end of D Floor is the head Warden’s flat.
D Floor was refurbished in summer 2012.

E Floor

E Floor is the only mixed floor with both boys’ and girls’ rooms.
In addition to bedrooms, E Floor has both laundry rooms, the library and computer room, and the dining room and kitchen (accessible via D Floor). Half of E Floor is accessible by staff only.
Some of the rooms look out onto the back area of McIntosh (including the back garden and bike shed) and others face into the (dry) moat.
E Floor was refurbished in summer 2013.