Private spaces

Private spaces include study bedrooms and bathrooms. These spaces are not open for everyone to come and go as they please but can be locked and utilised individually. They make up most of the hall but remain your responsibility to look after.

Study bedrooms

McIntosh has both single and shared rooms with about 240 residents. Rooms are either north or south facing with a view of West Sands and the Old Course or the Cabbage Patch. Each room usually comes with the following:

  • One single bed with a mattress and a mattress protector

  • Bedside cabinet

  • Built-in or freestanding wardrobe

  • Study desk, operator chair, and desk lamp

  • Drawer unit

  • Set of shelves (bookcase)

  • Sink and mirror

  • Pinboard

  • Trash and recycling bins

  • Telephone

  • Wired internet access point (ethernet cable provided upon request)

  • At least four plug sockets

PRO TIPS: read your accommodation contract, which has specifications about decorating restrictions (i.e. posters on the walls). You will be responsible for any damage to the room which isn’t due to normal wear and tear. A cleaner comes into your room to empty your bins, clean your sink, and hoover, so don’t be too alarmed when they burst forth at 9am (they’re super friendly). 

Bedroom on A Floor

Bathrooms / Shower rooms / Toilets

The bathrooms throughout the hall are all different in size, but almost all have toilet cubicles, sinks, and showers. Variety is the spice of life and when it comes to bathrooms, McIntosh is SPICY af. Some washrooms have just toilet cubicles or toilet cubicles and shower cubicles. Others are small, more private, enclosed rooms with a toilet, sink and shower cubicle or bathtub with one lockable door. Each floor has washrooms at various intervals.

It is recommended that you use the bathroom closest to your room, but this is up to you. All washrooms contain one sanitary bin and one normal bin. These should not be removed. If you find that these fill up very quickly you can ask the cleaning staff to leave extra bin liners in the bathroom and change the bin liner when it is full.

Bathrooms are cleaned daily by the cleaning staff, but in the event that toilet paper mummies may appear, it’s best to clean up after yourself.
PRO TIP: E floor showers have the best water pressure